Why should you sell your house?

There are many reasons why selling your property would be more beneficial for you and your loved ones. For all those occasions, you can count on Avatar Group.

We pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency, and our service. Avatar Group will handle your situation professionally, and we also have the experience, the knowledge, and know-how to close on your house as promised. You should know that we are a serious, responsible, and an efficient real estate company in Kennesaw.

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When the time comes to sell your house, call Avatar Group, and we would offer you a fair price for your house with no hidden fees. Stop googling how to sell my house fast for cash in Kennesaw. At Avatar Group, we are waiting to help you efficiently and professionally.

At Avatar Group, we dedicate to make excellent offerings adapted to your needs. Furthermore, if you are looking to sell your property in Kennesaw because you are dealing with a risky property with a complicated selling condition, such as repairs around the house, or, you are just looking to relocate, here at Avatar Group we can help you sell your house!

Call us today at 678-718-8870 if you need to sell your house fast in Kennesaw. Therefore, we buy houses in any circumstance you might have been dealing with, we can buy your property in poor condition, tax lien, tired landlord, foreclosure, probate, divorce process, or any other.

Why work whith us?


Local and reliable
We are a local real estate company with 16 years of experience understanding your market and needs.


Avoid extra Charges
Usually, we take care of the closing costs and take no extra fees for any of our transactions.


On-time and Efficient
We know the importance of being quick and efficient in real estate. Punctuality and responsibility are our characteristics

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Additionally, if your home it’s facing any of the following, let us help!

  • Damaged or poor condition: It means we buy houses needing repairs, damaged, broken, and probably irreparable. We extend you a fair cash offer.
  • Tax lien: If you have old tax debts and the status of your house is committed, we buy the propertyand take care of the paperwork on time.
  • Eviction: Sell a property during this legal process can be difficult. However, if you’ve sent the eviction notice and want to sell it right away, you can count on Avatar Group.

  • Foreclosure: If you need to sell a foreclosed home for a fair price to pay off your debt, we are the right buyers for you.

  • Probate sale: When you need to sell a property at the best price to benefit all the owners for heritage, you can contact us.

  • Divorce process: In some cases, the best thing is to sell the house during your divorce process. To make it easier and fast, you can sell it to us.

  • Tired landlord: If you no longer wish to rent your property but prefer to sell it immediately, even if you still have tenants, we can help you.

Avatar Group has a fast and adequate solution for all these atypical circumstances that lead you to sell your property in Kennesaw.

Contact us right away to get an excellent cash offer to sell your property in Kennesaw in the shortest possible time! We will assist you immediately if you call us at our number 678-718-8870. Don’t hesitate to talk to us! We have the best offers in the market.

Sell a property for cash step by step.

  1. Request an offer, by calling us or sending us a request. We are ready to buy your house in cash now.
  2. Tell us more about your property,the current state of your structure, your particular legal circumstances, and further details we should know before we make you an offer.
  3. Get a fair and honest offer, based on the condition of your property, which our experts will determine after an inspection.
  4. Close the deal as fast as possible.

You can start this process with just a call to Avatar Group! Our customer service team is waiting to talk to you and sell your property fast in Kennesaw. Our phone line is free and waiting for your call. Just dial 678-718-8870.

Sell your property now with Avatar Group

The Smartest way to Buy a Home

Sell your property now with Avatar Group

Why Trust Avatar Group?

Here at Avatar Group we have the best professionals to sell your property fast, efficiently, and fairly in Kennesaw. We have an incredible team of knowledgeable experts who would dedicate to inspect your property and obtain a realistic fair price for your house.

At Avatar Group, we will support and assist you with anything you need to make the selling process run smoothly and hassle-free.

Call Avatar Group today at 678-718-8870 and get the best real estate agents to sell your property in Kennesaw!

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10 Points to considerate when choosing us:

  • Reliable and honest consultation

  • No fees and no commissions.

  • You pick the closing date.

  • We pay cash meaning our financing process is not lengthy.

  • We close fast (as quickly as 7 days).

  • We buy houses as-is. You do not need to repair anything.

  • Only one inspection. You can avoid multiple showing.

  • We extend no-obligation cash offers.

  • We pay 100% of the closing costs in most situations.

  • We offer a smooth process with our professional closing attorneys.

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