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Here at Avatar Group, we pride ourselves in dedicating and providing the best deals and the highest discounts on properties in Lawrenceville for you.

Many real estate experts are interested in discount properties, and to stand out, you must join the best. Therefore, Avatar Group it’s here to help you finding the best deals for discounted properties in Lawrenceville.

Give us a call now at 678-718-8870 and one of our experts would answer all the questions you have on how-to get all the deals on discount properties. Avatar Group is the real estate specialist company in Lawrenceville that you are looking for! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Avatar Group is the most well-rounded company in real estate business

How to take advantage of discounted properties

It is up to each real estate expert how to take advantage of this type of property. The truth is that they are excellent offers that can become an incredible opportunity in the future. You can increase its value, sell it, rent it or find another way to take advantage of it.

Most discounted properties in Lawrenceville have complicated legal or structural conditions and require a considerable investment of capital and time. For that reason, Avatar Group offers its services as real estate experts, finding the best deals on discounted properties. It means that our professionals check the property’s conditions and make sure that the discount rate is profitable for investors.

To find the most affordable discounted properties, you should call Avatar Group. Contact us today at 678-718-8870 to get on our contact list and start getting the best real estate investment opportunities in Lawrenceville. 

Why work whith us?


Local and reliable
We are a local real estate company with 16 years of experience understanding your market and needs.


Avoid extra Charges
Usually, we take care of the closing costs and take no extra fees for any of our transactions.


On-time and Efficient
We know the importance of being quick and efficient in real estate. Punctuality and responsibility are our characteristics

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Which type of properties can I found with a discount?

1. Residential

At Avatar Group, we receive excellent discount rates on residential properties, which have to do directly with homes, apartments, living spaces, and neighborhood communities.

  • Single families: are large houses designed to be inhabited by a single-family. We have excellent discounts on this type of property with privileged locations and great conditions.
  • Duplex: We have excellent investment opportunities in two-floor properties. They are not only a great property, but also have an excellent market value.
  • Land: If you like to invest in residential areas, Avatar Grouphas excellent discounted opportunities that may include single-family or multifamily homes within its territory.

No matter what kind of property in Lawrenceville you prefer to buy, call Avatar Group to get the best discounts in the market. Contact us by email or call us at 678-718-8870 for immediate attention.

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Commercial Real Estate at its finest with Avatar Group

2. Commercial

  • Multifamily: we get excellent discounted properties that you can rent to multiple families. This way, you can leverage your acquisition for different types of businesses.
  • Hotel: Avatar Group has a network of partners that offer excellent hotel discounts. It is an excellent business opportunity that can transfer you to the tourism and lodging sector.
  • Land: A brilliant way to achieve business opportunities is to take advantage of discounts on commercial land. Depending on their location and value could easily transform into any type of business.

No matter what kind of property you prefer to buy, call Avatar Group to get the best discounts in Lawrenceville in the market. Contact us by email or call us at 678-718-8870 for immediate attention.

Avatar Group: You best chance to find discounted properties

Avatar Group offers an expansive network of allies in real estate. To be precise, we have the most dedicated team to help you in every step of this process.

Remember that we have over 16 years of experience in the real estate business in Lawrenceville, so if you want to count on the best allies for discount properties, we are the right fit for you.

Call us now on our phone numbers 678-718-8870 or contact us to our email to know more information! Get into our real estate buyers list to find the best rates of in Lawrenceville.

Avatar Group is the most well-rounded company in real estate business

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10 Points to considerate when choosing us:

  • Reliable and honest consultation

  • No fees and no commissions.

  • You pick the closing date.

  • We pay cash meaning our financing process is not lengthy.

  • We close fast (as quickly as 7 days).

  • We buy houses as-is. You do not need to repair anything.

  • Only one inspection. You can avoid multiple showing.

  • We extend no-obligation cash offers.

  • We pay 100% of the closing costs in most situations.

  • We offer a smooth process with our professional closing attorneys.

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