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Avatar Group is ready to help you out with any requirement you have related to commercial properties. It means that if you have a commercial property for sale in Lilburn, or need to buy one, we are the perfect allies for it.

To invest in commercial property in Lilburn or are thinking of selling it, you should call Avatar Group. We are the experts and are ready for your call to the number 678-718-8870.

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Types of commercial properties

If you want to buy or sell one of these types of commercial properties in Lilburn, Avatar Group can help!

  • Multifamily: we can help you buy or sell your multifamily property, which is a residence or building in which several families can live.
  • Lands: are more open properties that offer you the property of having several business opportunities. Avatar Group will help you buy or sell your land, as well as advise you on the possible uses for it.
  • Hotels: They are excellent commercial properties for doing real estate business. We are interested in buying commercial property, but also, we count with a variety of building and commercial properties that are ready to be sold.
  • Stores: They are very versatile properties because they not only retain their value as real estate but can be easily converted into a retail business. Avatar Group is interested in buying and selling all types of stores, large or small.

Contact us at 678-718-8870 to purchase all types of commercial properties. At Avatar Group, we are eager to add you to our list of real estate property buyers in Lilburn or offer our allies your property if you wish to sell it. Either way, we are waiting for you!

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Local and reliable
We are a local real estate company with 16 years of experience understanding your market and needs.


Avoid extra Charges
Usually, we take care of the closing costs and take no extra fees for any of our transactions.


On-time and Efficient
We know the importance of being quick and efficient in real estate. Punctuality and responsibility are our characteristics

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Real estate business with commercial properties

One of the best opportunities in real estate is in commercial properties in Lilburn. It is because they have many potential commercial outlets that could be of interest to you. If the commercial properties are in a good location, you can remodel them and re-sell them for an excellent price.

Avatar Group can assist you to know what to do with your actual commercial properties, and we can help you with the following activities:

  • Buy commercial properties: if you are an investor, and want to be part of our commercial properties buyers list, you can do it. We’ll help you to buy distressed commercial property, and show you how to work with them after you buy. Also, we can offer you the best opportunities to buy commercial properties in Lilburn.
  • Sell commercial properties: whether you need to liquidate any commercial property or have other property issues, we can help. Avatar Group has an expansive network of investors willing to buy your commercial property in Lilburn right away.

Enter our schedule by calling 678-718-8870. We will assist you to buy or sell any commercial property in Lilburn without any inconvenience. All you have to do is contact us.

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Find the best commercial properties with Avatar Group!

With over 16 years of experience in the real estate businessAvatar Group is the expert company you want to consult to make your commercial real estate investments in Lilburn. We offer you a dedicated service for you to make the deals of your life.

In Avatar Group, we are a professional commercial real estate investor near you in Lilburn. Call us today at 678-718-8870 or click here to request a quote.

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10 Points to considerate when choosing us:

  • Reliable and honest consultation

  • No fees and no commissions.

  • You pick the closing date.

  • We pay cash meaning our financing process is not lengthy.

  • We close fast (as quickly as 7 days).

  • We buy houses as-is. You do not need to repair anything.

  • Only one inspection. You can avoid multiple showing.

  • We extend no-obligation cash offers.

  • We pay 100% of the closing costs in most situations.

  • We offer a smooth process with our professional closing attorneys.

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