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  • Take a look at the finish of the Russel project, which features beautiful quality materials and design. Without a doubt, a spectacular house makeover. Russell

  • Nothing matches the beauty and quality of Avatar Contractors home improvement projects. Take a look at the Addison project and see for yourself!

How it Works —

We believe selling your home should be simple.

Evaluate Property

Let’s evaluate your House! Regardless of how it looks, or its current condition, we would take a look at it and we would provide you a fair cash-offer.

Meet Your Agent

Avatar Group would assign you one of our experts in the industry. He would take care of everything related to your property.

Evaluate your options

Avatar Group would search for buyers from our extensive list of partners and find a range of offers for your property.

Close the deal

With no additional paperwork or hidden fees, Avatar Group would close the deal in an amazing time frame!

Want a House or Sell one?  Call us 678 718 8870

Want a House or Sell one?  Call us 678 718 8870